Fishburn Heavy Fabrication (FHF) is a well respected international supplier of high quality fabricated products, with over 14 years of experience in fabrication and construction. We supply our own product range and we manufacture for major OEM’s in the machinery and attachment industry internationally.

At FHF we pride ourselves on understanding our customer’s requirements and the quality standards they need in this industry. We are also very conscious of the importance of protecting the intellectual property and designs of our customers.

We have our own extensive range of Earthmoving attachment designs, and also work with our customers to help improve their existing attachment designs, using our experience in the Australian and international markets.

We guarantee that we use only high quality steel plate to customers specifications, together with the best welding wire and consumables when fabricating your products. You can always be assured that FHF will not cut corners when fabricating your order, so you can order from FHF with confidence.